About Coach Cheri

About Coach Cheri


Coach Cheri Alguire with John Gray, Author of the Mars/Venus books

Coach Cheri with
Jack Canfield, author of
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Running Author Jack Daniels with Cheri Alguire at the Arizona Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. Read 13 Things I Learned in 13.1 Miles, Cheri's personal account of running her first half-marathon.
There’s a certain saying that Real Estate and Life Coach Cheri Alguire has honored and put into practice for many years: “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well!” Whatever the important pursuit, whether it’s professional or personal, she actually takes this principle to the next level: “When I set out to do something, I’m determined to be the best at it,” Cheri says. “It’s nothing less than an inner drive.”

Born in central Minnesota’s lovely lake country, Cheri grew up in the Twin Cities. Her drive to be the best blossomed while she was attending high school in a north Minneapolis suburb. During those formative years, she participated in numerous extracurricular activities to which she brought her signature determination.

While attending college, Cheri got her real estate license and began selling homes part time. Because of her signature drive and determination, her part-time job quickly turned into a successful full-time career. It was no surprise to her family members and friends when she earned Top Producer honors in her first year.

Cheri gained additional experience, in the mortgage business, then after the birth of her third child, moved the family back to the small town in which she was born.

With three young children in tow, opening a preschool/daycare center seemed like a natural fit. But determined to make the enterprise more than a “glorified babysitter,” Cheri worked with the local Public Television station to develop a preschool curriculum built around the station’s programming. That curriculum would eventually be used by daycare centers across Minnesota.

Revving up her entrepreneurial engines, Cheri then launched a sign company and built it into a profitable enterprise that she ultimately sold for a profit.

Sensing that the time was right, Cheri jumped back into real estate with her husband. Armed with an aggressive marketing and business plan, they became one of the most productive and innovative real estate teams in all of central Minnesota, doubling their production and income year after year.

As a parent, Cheri continued investing her personal best in the lives of sons Blake and Ryan and daughter Kelsey. Always active in the community, she served as PTA president and over the course of myriad events, established herself as the school’s district’s No. 1 fund-raiser.

To the Next Level

At that point, it would have been easy to coast along in a comfortable gear. But that’s not Cheri’s style. Typically, she refused to rest on her laurels. With her exceptionally strong background as a highly successful real estate professional and overall rich life experience, Cheri realized that she could share her knowledge, insight and wisdom with other individuals.

And so the natural “next incarnation” was as a business coach. Cheri completed rigorous training at the School of Small Business Coaching and Graduate School of Coaching, earning certification through the Coach Training Alliance. She is also a member of the International Coach Federation, the International Association of Coaches and CoachVille.

Following her move to Southern California in 2002, Cheri’s coaching career shifted into overdrive. Hired on by a national real estate training company, Cheri developed a coaching program to help real estate professionals grow to the next level in their careers and their lives. Soon, she was working with scores of real estate agents, owners, brokers, managers, loan officers and other professionals, to help them focus on a top-priority goal: to make a quantum leap in their business. This is her calling. This is what she does best.

“When I coach, I help people set and achieve goals far above what they imagined they could accomplish while, at the same time, living a life of balance and fulfillment,” Cheri says. “My focus is on helping them take their career and their life to the next level.”

To date she’s achieved this for hundreds of clients across the country—clients who place high value on her weekly guidance and recognize that Cheri really knows what she’s talking about. Many of those clients now have incomes in the $1 million+ range. Many are doubling their incomes on an annual basis. Many are part of real estate teams. And an increasing number are mothers who’ve entered the industry due to its supposedly flexible hours.

“A lot of moms get into real estate believing it offers a low-key, manageable schedule,” Cheri notes. “In reality, the business often takes over their lives. And that’s why I’ve developed an exciting new direction for my coaching—helping real estate moms manage their business and their lives.”

Birds of the Feather

It’s an obvious, empathetic move for Cheri, since she’s a real estate mom herself. She’s also discovered that mothers in real estate are especially good at processing experiences and thoughts in group discussions. Every week, then, Cheri leads a number of phone-conference sessions in which real estate moms concentrate on business planning, time management, quality management, marketing and other topics. She’s also established a groundbreaking Website, www.RealEstateMoms.com, presenting numerous resources for mothers seeking to take their business to the next level while retaining adequate time for nurturing and family life.

Cheri sets the leading example. Her coaching career has had an intensely positive impact on the lives of hundreds of professionals. Yet she invests herself fully in her children’s activities and aspirations while making time for extended-family gatherings as well. She’s even taken up long-distance running, which demands diligent and frequent training and recently completed her first half-marathon.

“I figure that life is for living,” Cheri declares. “If you’re a person who has lots of energy, you might as well put it to good use. I aim to do that every single day—in my coaching career and in my home life.”

It almost goes without saying that this accomplished individual, with years of business and life experience, aims to be the absolute best—for her clients, for her family, for her friends and for herself.