To achieve what others achieve, do what they do, only better.

If you want more sales, do what the Guinness Book of World Records’ Greatest Salesman in the World, Joe Girard, did.

“I like you!” This was Joe Girard’s standard message whenever he sent out 13,000 cards to his customers every month. Joe Girard is the Guinness Book of World Record holder for selling more cars and trucks than any person in history. In his fifteen years of being a car salesman, he sold a total of 13,001 vehicles and that record hasn’t been broken.

Joe sent his past customers Birthday Cards, and not just to the actual purchaser of the car, but to the entire family, including the kids.

He also sent all types of cards from New Year to Christmas to July 4th with the same message. “I like you! Happy New Year.” “I like you, Happy Valentine’s.” He sent the cards for every holiday with “I like you” written on the card.

What did he get from sending greeting cards?

His clients knew, liked and trusted him, yes, but they also REMEMBERED HIM! You may have done a great job for your past clients. They may like and trust you…but do they REMEMBER YOU?

In today’s world, more so than when Joe was selling, it is imperative that you stay top of mind. In order to stand out from the crowd, you have to do more than send an impersonal Happy Birthday Facebook greeting that gets lost in the hundreds that come in through Social Media and an email that gets lost in the thousands that clog the inbox every day.

Send a greeting card, especially one that is personalized with photos from someone’s Facebook profile, stands out and is SPECIAL. Any card that has photos of the person on it will not get thrown away, ever. We don’t have printed photos anymore, so when these show up in the mail, they become keepsakes that are put on display.

Do NOT put your business card and do NOT ask for referrals or offer coupons in your greeting cards. How do you feel when you get a card like that with coupons in it? Does it make you feel special and liked? Or like you are being sold? You will sell a lot more just by showing appreciation and not being salesy! Branding on the back of the greeting card is the best way to go.

Imagine how Joe delivered that volume of cards! He did have two people working for him full-time helping him organize the list of who needs a card and then actually purchasing the cards, signing the cards, addressing the envelopes, applying the stamps and taking them to the post office to be mailed on time. Whew!

Luckily for you, there is a better way to send cards today that does not require 2 full-time employees. In fact, you can do it from your cell phone in a few minutes a day with our system.

You may not have 13,000 customers, but taking from Joe Girard’s example why not start with Birthday Cards and expect a wave of referrals by making that connection.

 Sending cards was a lot of work in Joe’s day back in the ‘70s. What’s holding you back from sending a few cards today if it is easy and automated?

Start sending your birthday cards today with CardsForRealEstate.com!

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