You have BIG GOALS. You get up in the morning, with a plan to get things done and move closer to your goals!

Your tasks are broken down into manageable chunks, you are ready to make huge progress, then…it starts to happen.

Phone calls you weren’t expecting.

Emails with people needing things right NOW!

Clients need to reschedule, chat, and just want to spend some time with you.

Eight hours go by and that well-laid plan you had to start the day, has not been addressed, AT ALL!

How DO you do it all?  

How do you run your business, deal with day-to-day activities and make major progress on your big goals each day?

If you’re looking for that MAGIC KEY TO BALANCE YOUR LIFE, you need to slow down a bit and review your strategy. What you need to STOP or START doing and most importantly, which of your duties should you DELEGATE.

If you are running a business and find you don’t have enough time to do it all, you may need to create a Delegation Plan.

In order for you to delegate effectively, consider some of these things:

The number of tasks

These are the things that need to be accomplished to ensure your business runs successfully. You should be able to delegate many of your administrative, billing, Social Media, and other marketing tasks.  

Your team

You cannot delegate without having people to delegate to. You need to build a team of people to support you. The more things you have to do in your business, the bigger your team should be. Hiring the right people is key. They may be hired on an hourly or project basis.  Find people with skills that you fit the tasks you need to be done.

Your priorities

Identify the crucial everyday details of your job only you can handle. If someone else can do it — delegate.

Delegating to your team is an important part of getting it all done!

Hire a team who will partner with you to take your business and life to a new level of success.

Schedule a complimentary coaching call with Coach Cheri today to review your Delegation Plan (or lack of one!)

Also, check out the Small Business Resources Page. We’ve got a lot in store for you! Take your pick: web development services, relationship marketing tools, help with social media marketing, self-help books and more.

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